This Course Covers

Excel Essential
Introduction to Excel Interface
Understanding the structure of excel workbook
Formatting Options
Saving Excel Document
Comman Excel Shortcut
Copy, Paste
Add Find and Replace
Formatting Data In Excel
Changing the colour
Adding Borders to cell
Formatting Data
Excel's Format
Conditional Formatting
Add Delete Cells Rows And Columns
Sort And Filters
Entering and Editing Formulas
Absolute Vs Relative Reference
Sum Formula
Logical Formula -IF
Logical Formula -AND and OR
Count Function
Average if
Sum If
Statistical Formula
Large, small, and Rank
Error Type
Text , Time and Date Format
Difference between text time and date
Changing the case of text
Combining text
Cutting substring from text
Combining date and time data
Conducting day of the week
Creating basic chart in Excel
Creating Excel column chart
Modifying data in Excel Chart
Formatting excel chart
Working with pie chart
Insert sparkline
Modifying And printing Excel worksheet
Moving and copying data in excel worksheet
Deleting and renaming Excel worksheet
Document output management
Application of Excel Function
Preparing the movie distribution data
Data summary

This Course Covers

Microsoft Word Essentials
Create New Document
Ribbon Navigation
Basic Entering And Editing Text
Navigating Microsoft Document
Text Selection
Creating Bulleted And Number List
Text Formatting
Working With Page Layout
Working With Microsoft Margins
Page Breaks
Page Background Work
Headers And Footers
Microsoft Word Document And Printing
Ms Word Spell Checker
Navigation Pane To Find And Replace The Document
Printing Document
Convert Into PDF
Tabulation In Microsoft Word
Setting Tabs In A Document
Formatting Word Tab
Modifying Spacing And Removing Word Tabs
Other Tabs
Creating Tables
Adding And Deleting Rows/Columns
Calculations Tables
Formatting Tables
Styles Features
Heading Styles To Format Document
Building A Table Of Contents With Style
Pictures And Video Documents
Working With Picture Documents
Modifying And Editing Picture
Formatting Wrap Text
Adding Video Documents

This Course Covers

Commonly Used Hot Keys
Speed Up With Hot Keys
Working With Text
Bullets Busting and SmartArt
Ribbon Navigation
Alt F And Quick Access Toolbar
Alt Home: Layout, Sections And Shape Effects
Alt Insert: SmartArt, Video And Comments
Alt View: Slide Sorters, Gridlines And More
Design, Transitions And Animations
Advanced PowerPoint
Objects and Alignment
Working With Tables
Mastering Charts
Images In Presentations
Slide Master

This Course Covers

Introduction to Python
Speed Up With Hot Keys
Working With Text
Bullets Busting and SmartArt
Variables, Data Types and Operators
Data Types
String constants
Arithmetic Operations
Logical Operators
Data Types
Numeric Casting
Boolean Casting
String Casting
Sequence Casting
Dictionary Casting
Date and Time Casting
Miscellaneous Casting
Implicit Casting
Explicit Casting
Python Iterators
Data Structures
Mutable/Immutable objects
Mutable objects
Immutable objects
Control Flow
Introduction to Control Flow
Debugging Control Flow
Advanced Control Flow
Python Libraries
Introduction to Functions
Calling Functions
Advanced Functions

This Course Covers

Introduction to SQL
Overview of Structured Query Language (SQL)
Advantages of DBMS
DBMS vs Traditional
SQL Syntax and Clauses
Data Types
Numeric Types
Character Types
Date and Time Types
Special Types
Creating and Managing Database Objects
Introduction to creating database objects
Creating tables, views, indexes, sequences and synonyms
Types of Data Models
Data Models
Working with Tables and Joins
Creating Tables
Modifying Tables
Inserting and Updating Data
Unions and Union All
DML, DQL, TCL, DCL queries
DML (Data Manipulation Language)
DQL (Data Query Language)
TCL (Transaction Control Language)
DCL (Data Control Language)
SQL Constraints
DDL constraints in SQL
Types of Queries
Introduction to Queries
Types of SQL Queries
SQL Functions
Aggregate Functions
String Functions
Date Functions
Window Functions
Math Functions

This Course Covers

Historical Line Items and Value Drivers
Historical Line Items & Unlevered FCF
Historical Value Drivers
Projected Value Drivers and Line Items
Projected Value Drivers
Projected Line Items & Unlevered FCF
Enterprise & Equity Value
Calculation of Equity Value Per Share
Excel Tricks for Modeling
Sensitivity Analysis
Scenario Building
Auditing Tools for Modeling in Excel

This Course Covers

Quickbooks Migration From Desktop To Online 
Switch To single-user  Mode
Create a local backup.
QuickBooks Desktop Information
Update Quickbooks Desktop
How To Restore QBD BackUp 3
Export Reports  
Download Reports
How to Export to Excel
Save as PDF
Subscribe To Quick Books online  
Subscribe to QuickBooks Online
Exporting QuickBooks 
Comparing QBD Reports And QBO
Delete Sample Vendor
Setting up QuickBooks
Set Up Company Information
Set Up Estimates
Set Up Expenses
Set Up the Chart of Accounts
Set Up Customers
Set Up Vendors
Managing sales & income
Create Estimates (Quotes or Bids)
Create and Send Invoices
Receive Payments
Create & send Sales Receipts
Managing bills & expenses
Write & Print Checks
Enter Bills
Pay Bills

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Empower your presentations, captivate your audience, and paint your ideas onto the canvas of success by mastering the art of PowerPoint!

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How does simulation learning make a difference?

Research by the American Psychological Association found that learners taught through simulations performed better in skill application and retention than those taught using traditional methods.

Higher Retention: Studies reveal: Seeing retains 20%, but simulation learning boosts retention to 90%.
Experiential Learning: Simulation learning immerses learners in lifelike scenarios, fostering deeper understanding and retention compared to passive methods
Risk-Free Environment: Simulations offer a risk-free environment for learners to experiment and learn from mistakes, fostering exploration through trial and error
Realistic Scenarios: Simulations replicate real-life situations, providing contextually relevant experiences. This realism enhances the applicability of knowledge and skills to practical settings.

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Yes, You can enroll as many courses as you need

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This offer is valid only until January 2nd, 2023. To learn more, you can reach us at

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It Involves creating a realistic simulated environment that learners can interact with, while also providing guidance and support to help you achieve your leaning objectives

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Online payment via stripe. Credit & Debit cards accepted. We do not offer financing. For individuals the process is to pay via the online website

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