keySkillset Solutions

Story Behind Our Inception

keySkillset is a New-York based company operating since 2017 and is a patent pending platform under US law, which has developed a simulation based Learning Management System which helps facilitate practice as you learn.Our story began when Tatiana, our founder and a corporate trainer, started to notice a pattern in the questions asked by her trainees. Most of them were able to understand the concepts, but they faced the challenge of how to practice, how to retain the knowledge they had just acquired. At keySkillset, we strive to help our clients optimize the 40 hours of work per week by doing more in the same number of hours. We help every learner put themselves in an automatic mode to perform basic daily productivity functions 10x to 20x faster.

Meet our team

Dr. Nitin Krishna
Biju Kumar
Product Development
Kevin McCarthy
Business Development
Radhika Anand
Project Manager
Casey Lishko
AI & Gaming Lead
Sushma Varadaraju
Digital Growth
keySkillset Solutions

How Are We Different?

Our hands-on, interactive solutions include spaced repetitions that stimulate muscle memory, which has a positive impact on knowledge retention. We also offer dashboard access and scalable solutions for B2B and B2E customers. Companies can use our solutions or assessments to evaluate the accuracy and efficiency of their teams. Our mouseless techniques also improve their professional skills, efficiency and speed.