Top 6 interesting things you can do in Python

Top 6 interesting things you can do in Python

Python is one of the most diverse programming languages with a variety of uses in different industries. If you managed to gain the basics in Python, it is time to take that knowledge to the next level. For example, why not discover the top 6 interesting things you can do in Python. Learn more about fantastic projects and resources that you can create with the power of coding.

Create a calculator

If you want to master the power of Python, we recommend starting with the basics. Creating a calculator is a common application that will help you understand your user’s experience. Have a look at Tkinter module tutorials to learn more about the esthetic and technical part of the process. It will be a great addition to your coding knowledge. Eventually, these skills combined will help you bulls a user-friendly calculator in Python.

Develop a blockchain

Blockchains were initially created for financial technology purposes. However, the more people started to understand its capabilities, the more it spread to other industries. Nowadays, people use blockchains in data mining, medical records, real-estate, and much more. Therefore, it is time for you to grasp the knowledge of creating a blockchain in Python as well.

The first step is to understand how transactional technology works and then install the Flask web framework. You will work with HTTP clients and communicate with them over the Internet. You will respond to their requests by using the blockchain that you created. In reality, it is way more fun than it sounds.

Be on top of Bitcoin prices

The Bitcoin prices are in continuous fluctuation. Still, people consider it a worthwhile investment. So, why not take advantage of this trend and create useful applications for cryptocurrency users. For example, you can use your Python knowledge and build a notification system. The user will get regular updates when the Bitcoin prices change. As a result, they will always be on top of what is happening. Staying informed with less hustle is a great thing.

Analyze Twitter data

Python is the perfect tool for building data analysis systems, especially for social media platforms. In our case, we can create a data mining project for Twitter. It is a powerful tool to have because you can analyze your audience very accurately. That applies to their preferences, interests, and questions of interest. Moreover, it may sound scary but once you understand how the process works you will be able to analyze the sentiment of the tweets. Eventually, that will make possible the content analysis and result visualization.

‘’Hello World’’ to Machine Learning

If you are interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, then using Python language in this field will be a great advantage for your professional career. The space is challenging, but it does not mean that you cannot create interesting things in Python. Once you have a simple tutorial to follow, your Python abilities will be extremely valuable. You will be proud to know how to elaborate fingerprints, recognize speech and perform other data science actions.


One of the most useful projects to consider when working in Python is automation. It is bliss to realize that some of the basic activities that usually are time-consuming can be automated. For instance, in Python, you can work with files and create classes much faster once you know the right formula. Or, you can navigate on the web and filter information easier, which will save tons of time.


Whatever project you choose to create, there are plenty of interesting things you can in Python. With a bit of creativity, coding knowledge and basic tutorials your project portfolio will stand out from others. Start learning Python Coding with our educational game and you will unlock your potential.

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