5 advantages of simulation based learning for employees

Vidya Gopinath for keySkillsetVidya Gopinath for keySkillset
Vidya Gopinath for keySkillset
5 advantages of simulation based learning for employees

Ever wondered what most successful businesses have in common? Fact is these businesses have built capable growth oriented employees. Now, one of the best ways to equip your employees to become growth leaders is to provide them with upskills training. Realizing the importance of simulation-based learning, most businesses have now made it an integral part of their corporate training modules. So, here we will check the major advantages of simulation based training/ learning for employees. 

In the meantime, learn how gamification can improve behavior. 

Why simulation based training? 

Simulation based learning makes it simple and easy to access high value learning experiences. Here are some advantages of simulation based learning for employees. 

1) Real-world experiences 

One major reason training programmes do not produce the desired results is that companies cannot provide employees with real-life experiences to test their skills and knowledge. When employees are tested in a simulated environment, they can assess the effectiveness of their actions and identify the corrective actions that are needed. Simulation-based eLearning helps employees improve their skills and test the effectiveness of the programme without jeopardizing the company’s reputation or profitability.

2) Real-time feedback 

The best part is that there is no delay in feedback for "scoring" or "tabulation"  in most simulation based programs. Understanding the "why" behind a correct or incorrect decision is far more valuable than a scorecard delivered days or weeks later. Immediate feedback and debriefing is also essential for avoiding the effects of the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve. 

3) Increased knowledge retention

The retention of knowledge imparted is a significant challenge that organizations face when designing a training programme. Learners are more likely to retain knowledge if they put newly acquired skills to use. Simulation-based Learning programmes help them understand the actions to be taken in a situation, which aids in the retention of this knowledge. As a result, the training program's results are instantly verified and validated. To achieve high quality learning and valuable results, the learner must repeat the content learned. Spaced repetition is a technique used to retain memory. However, if we want to achieve a profound education, asking the same questions or reading the same content will not suffice. Simulations can assist us in this regard. We can generate repeated content by using simulations.

4) Lessen the Risks

Companies are hesitant to take a chance on something that is working because they are concerned that the proposed change will not produce the desired results. As a result, the company misses out on some excellent opportunities that could have given them a competitive advantage. With simulation based learning, the company can train employees in the concepts and test their performance in market-like scenarios. This gives the employees the chance to make mistakes and learn from it. This reduces the risk that businesses face when implementing any policy changes or bringing out any product/ service to the market. 

5) Less Cost 

Companies do not want to splurge a lot of money and time on skills training; they want the training to be completed quickly and on a budget. With its improved retention and hands-on methods, simulation-based learning can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with employee training. Employees who have been trained through simulations also learn quickly how to use new tools and technologies.


However, what organizations need to understand is that not all simulation based training is created the same way. So, you will need to find a course that would best fit your business goals and your employee training needs. keySkillset makes it easier for you. This simulation based hand on training platform provides guided and customized solutions to suit your needs. 

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