How gamification can improve behavior?

How gamification can improve behavior?

Online games became so popular that some schools and companies implemented them as part of personal development training. Gamification techniques proved to build a positive atmosphere and climate. Besides, it managed to create an impact on people’s behavior. In this article, keySkillset will demonstrate through research conducted by Classcraft how gamification can improve behavior either at work or school.

What is eSports?

You read that right. eSports is a new terminology introduced to define the playing of online games. In the last years, scientists and professionals were debating whether an online game is a sport. For example, it involves activity, strategic thinking, teamwork, and other terms describing the game. Both types of games have similarities except the virtual presence. As a result, eSports became a popular activity among all demographics.

Esports developed its own cultural medium where users feel motivated and engaged. So, by using the same idea of a regular sport, universities and businesses can improve people’s behavior from their desks. It is a great idea when the business lacks space and facilities

How gamification affects behavior?

Games help to develop competence and autonomy. Moreover, scientists associate gamification with self-determination and the ability to get closer to your goals. It makes players continue to progress and build relationships through participation.

Classcraft based its research on a three-tier framework. The first tier of students will focus on activities to prevent negative behavior. The second tier will engage in targeted prevention activities. Meanwhile, the third tier will receive more wrap-around support.

Researchers focused on bullying examples that professors usually try to prevent. In the first tier, the aim is to create a cultural norm where people would consider bullying inappropriate. They would impose gamification techniques that create empathy. The second tier would learn conflict anger management techniques with a few activities. Finally, the third tier of students would get intense supervision and lectures followed by challenges.

The experiment implemented a point-based award where they track the progress. The three tiers compete between each other to achieve a higher status on the scoreboard.

How to track the system?

The Classcraft experiment is a continuous data-collection process to prove how gamification can improve behavior. The scoreboards would be standardized across institutions as well as activities. That would allow us to assess game efficiency and accuracy. Besides, they would introduce procedures to avoid any negative behavior. The participants would receive all the relevant information about the experiment.

Learn more about how gamification can improve behavior or about the latest trends in educational games from our upcoming articles.

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