Master keyboard shortcuts for lightning speed actions in PowerPoint

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Vidya Gopinath for keySkillset
Master keyboard shortcuts for lightning speed actions in PowerPoint

Are you tired of wasting precious time clicking through menus and options in PowerPoint? Imagine if you could become a PowerPoint pro and accomplish tasks with lightning speed. Well, get ready to supercharge your productivity because we have the key to unlock your efficiency!

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Welcome to the world of PowerPoint shortcuts, where a simple combination of keys can save you seconds, minutes, and even hours in your daily tasks. In this fast-paced world, every moment counts, and mastering these keyboard shortcuts can make all the difference in maximizing your output and optimizing your workflow. So, let's dive into the power of shortcuts and revolutionize the way you create captivating presentations.

To become a PowerPoint pro, start by mastering keyboard shortcuts. Cut, copy, and format with lightning speed by using simple key combinations. Eliminate the need for constant mouse clicks and save precious time that can be better spent refining your content and design.

Undoubtedly, shortcuts can make a significant difference in boosting productivity. Consider this scenario: if a single shortcut saves you just five seconds, and you perform that task numerous times daily, those saved seconds quickly accumulate. Over time, those saved moments can translate into minutes each day, hours each week, and even weeks over the course of a year.

While individual shortcuts may seem minor, utilizing a comprehensive set of the most effective shortcuts for the software you use can create a noticeable impact on your overall efficiency. It's the collective effect of these time-saving techniques that truly supercharges productivity and optimizes your workflow. So, embracing and mastering shortcuts can be a game-changer in maximizing your output and making the most of your valuable time.

Now, here are some Powerpoint short-cuts to use:

Ctrl + N: Create a new presentation

Ctrl + M: Generate a new slide in the existing presentation

Ctrl + Z: Undo the last action

Ctrl + S: Save the presentation

F5: Start the slideshow instantly

Alt + G: Open the Design tab for customizing slides and themes

Alt + A: Open the Animations tab to add animations

Alt + R: Access the Review menu to check accessibility, add comments, and check spelling

Ctrl + Spacebar: Pause and play media in the slideshow

Ctrl + A: Select all elements in the current context (text, slide contents, or all slides)


Embrace the comprehensive set of effective PowerPoint shortcuts we've shared with you. By eliminating constant mouse clicks, you can now focus more on refining your content and design, bringing out the best in your presentations. So, take control of your PowerPoint experience and witness the transformation as you become a true PowerPoint pro! Start using shortcuts today and master the art of lightning-speed actions in PowerPoint. Your productivity will thank you!

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