Why Visuals are Crucial for your PowerPoint Slides

Why Visuals are Crucial for your PowerPoint Slides

Images and graphics have a powerful role in developing human capacity to comprehend and absorb new information. Even though words and visuals complement each other, the latest proved to create a greater impact. Therefore, in this article keySkillset will unveil why visuals are crucial for your PowerPoint slides. These statistics are based on scientific research and aim to help you build a powerful presentation.

How persuasive are presentations?

According to the research, 43% of the presentations that have visuals are much more persuasive. For the experiment, two groups of people watched presentations: one with visuals and the other with plain text. As a result, the group that watched a presentation with graphics was more likely to invest money and time. The use of effective images and compelling text creates a greater effect on the audience.

Do we learn more from the sense of sight?

About 83% of the learned material comes from visual information. Meanwhile, the remaining 17% is from the sense of taste, touch, smell, and hearing. Thus, it is a good reason to reorganize the presentation and focus on what to show, not only to tell.

Do we retain information from an image?

Multimedia Learning suggests that our audience is capable of retaining the message as long as it accompanies visuals. Since people focus more on what they see, the presenter should strategically incorporate more imagery. This will ensure that words do not just pass by, but remain in the memory.

How does the brain process the information?

When we open the eyes and explore the surroundings, the visual aspect accounts for almost 66% of the brain activity. It means that the greater part of the energy that we process comes from the eyes. Eventually, PowerPoint slides should contain more graphics and images that will catch the eyes’ attention.


These experiments and research prove that imagery matters. As a presenter, you should dedicate a good amount of time to ensure that you can impact your audience. Ask yourself if they will remember that message of whether it is catchy enough. By understanding what people want to see, you will realize why visuals are crucial for your PowerPoint slides.

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