Why Excel Game Is Better Than Video Course?

Why Excel Game Is Better Than Video Course?

Why Excel Game is a thing?

The global market for gamification in business is booming in our digital era. Why? Because it works! Look at the Learning Pyramid, researched and created by the National Training Laboratories in Bethel, Maine.

Excel Game

The Learning Pyramid

The pyramid illustrates the percentage of learner recall that is associated with various approaches. The first four levels (lecture, reading, audiovisual, and demonstration) are passive learning methods.  The bottom two levels (discussion group and practice by doing) are active learning methods.

The Learning Pyramid clearly illustrates that active participation in the learning process results in higher retention of learning.

When you Learn via Game – you learn by doing, it’s fun and engaging.

You Can Learn MS Excel by playing now!

Till recently, only live or video training were available to learn Excel.

Live training is very effective as you can listen and try at the same time, but it is indeed costly and non-scale-able as your actual presence is needed at the precise time. Trainer have a limit of how many people he can teach live at once.

Video training can be accessed from anywhere and at any time convenient for you. However, you can just listen the lecture in this case. To try the task you would need to open a new window with Excel. This method isn’t as convenient after all.

Games to learn Excel are cost-effective, flexible with time access, and practical as you engage your muscle memory, while you are playing and having fun.

keySkillset is an Excel Simulation Game. keySkillset allows you to Practice By Doing. It improves your result from 20-30% to 75% compare to video training and webinars. It makes it fun and easy to learn over 200 shortcuts and shortcuts in Excel, over 70 formulas and functions, and other useful tricks. You can learn Excel up to 5 times faster and be 10 times quicker in Excel with the Hot Key Excellence Game. Learn more about the Game in this video.

Another great gamification tool is provided by Someka Excel Solutions.

It’s an Excel Formulas Full Training Kit for the ones who want to equip themselves fully with Excel Formulas and Functions. The full training kit consists of Beginner, Medium, and Advanced Level Kits. 30 sections and around 100 questions involved within the kit. It supports multi-language formulas and ready to use with no installation.


Excel games offer a unique and effective way to learn and master the powerful tool that is Excel. Unlike traditional video courses, Excel games provide an interactive and engaging experience that allows users to apply their newfound knowledge in a fun and challenging way. Not only do Excel games make learning more enjoyable, but they also allow for a deeper understanding of the material and provide a sense of accomplishment upon completion. In today's fast-paced world, where time is at a premium, Excel games offer an efficient and effective way to master Excel, making it a better choice than video courses for anyone looking to improve their Excel skills

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