Top Useful Excel Templates for Tracking

Top Useful Excel Templates for Tracking

What are the Best Excel Templates for Tracking?

Tracking the performance and progress of your project requires precision and a lot of time. More than that, you have to organize, plan and manage your resources efficiently. There are various tools to keep track of your project, but we would consider using Microsoft Excel. keySkillset found the top useful Excel templates for tracking and will share the suggestions with you as well as some additional tips and tricks.

By using this program and the templates that Excel is offering, you can turn a usual spreadsheet into a project with interactive charts.

Microsoft Templates

The best way to find a template is to search for it online. You can start doing that by listing a particular keyword such as “project”. The next step is to select multiple categories, which helps to avoid the categories you do not need. Finally, you can preview the template that has a short description of its features. You can select any template you want and create a customized business plan.

Project Management Templates

Business Plans

A typical structure of a business plan requires several mandatory points to be considered. For example, it must include a table of contents, executive summary, business description and team organization. In addition, a good business plan requires products and services, marketing plan, implementation and financial plan.

You have to take into consideration many points. However, this can be done by simply selecting the Business plan template that can turn your writing into a professional document. Besides, the regular business plans, Microsoft Excel offers templates to generate startup expenses and checklists with SWOT analysis.


There are tens of business-related templates, but for project management, we can narrow it down and select planners category with Projects. It will lead us to 16 main suites with 6 Excel templates. These include keywords such as schedule, time and Gantt.

Third Party Templates

If Microsoft does not offer a template that would satisfy you, try the third party resources.


This software is reputable due to a great selection of categories for any project management templates. You even have the opportunity to be more focused and switch to Business category. In that section, you can find the following pages: work breakdown structure, the proposal, and the Gantt chart.


The templates refer mostly to project scheduling, therefore, more advanced templates would require professional project management software. In any case, Vertex42 templates provide a list of material such as timeline, critical path method and project building. In addition, you can find many tips and tricks on how to run a template.

The opportunities to create an amazing and organized project are endless. Therefore, you should start by creating a structure that summarizes your idea. Then, use the solutions that keySkillset suggested and combine them with other tips and tricks.

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