Top 7 tips to increase productivity at work

Top 7 tips to increase productivity at work

Why increase productivity?

Time is essential when it comes to deadlines or any other deliverables for work. You need to learn to increase the output without affecting the number of working hours. In other words, you should master the art of working smartly. In the following blog post, we will reveal the top 7 tips to increase productivity at work.

  1. Set your personal deadlines. We never perceive stress as a good thing because it always affects us emotionally. Sometimes, we lose our focus and get distracted from bringing proper results. We recommend that you set personal deadlines for delivering a project. It will help to discover your potential in staying focused and develop good time management. Besides, you will get less stress from the manager.
  2. Give up on perfection. People are not perfect and they make mistakes. Even the best way to learn is by making mistakes that you know will not repeat in the future. For example, entrepreneurs are the ones that chase perfection but they fail. Failure makes them reach that success they are looking for. Therefore, don’t be driven by wasting your time on improving something at an extreme. The faster you make mistakes, the faster you learn to do a proper job next time.
  3. Minimize interruptions. In a working environment surrounded by people, it is a struggle to stay concentrated. But not impossible. Try sometimes to work from home, close your doors, and snooze your phone. Staying focused on your work will help complete more tasks. Therefore, you will increase your productivity.
  4. Give yourself a break. Some people give up on their breaks to have more work done. However, it does not mean it is effective. Having regular breaks will help improve your concentration because it will maintain a constant level of performance. Meanwhile, if you keep working steadily your performance will gradually decline.
  5. Two-minute rule? In recent years entrepreneurs use the ‘two-minute’ rule to complete their work. Simply saying, if you receive a task that you can accomplish in a maximum of two minutes then you should do it straight away. Completing the task immediately will help minimize the load of work later on.
  6. Prioritize the meetings. We all know that some meetings are held for the sake of your presence and giving opinions and not deciding on important issues. Try to prioritize the meetings based on their goals and level of involvement. If you are able to overlook these criteria you can make decisions and learn about the final outcome via email or phone. It will save plenty of time.
  7. Be productive on your laptop. If you work in the office, you probably spend lots of time on your laptop. By learning how to navigate quickly and efficiently in all the programs you use, would make you so much more productive. Many programs have shortcuts to navigate mouse free, which increases your average speed on the laptop by ~10X. keySkillset introduces the games to learn shortcuts and tricks in MS Excel, PowerPoint, Python, and more.


If you need to increase your productivity efficiently go again through these points and mark what works and what does not work. You may find or discover more creative solutions based on these research ideas. For now, we recommend these 7 tips to become more productive at work.

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