Top 7 Jobs That Require Excel Skills in 2020

Top 7 Jobs That Require Excel Skills in 2020

In recent years, there has been an increased demand for IT or any other computer skills. Most of the time employers search candidates who are able to deal with long spreadsheets and do administrative tasks. Meanwhile, employees continuously look for ways to improve their MS Office skills. However, they are not fully aware of the job market. keySkillset created a short guide with jobs that require Excel skills in 2020.

Management and Market Analysts

PowerPivot is an Excel feature that helps analysts to get insights from large amounts of data. It offers real-time benefits for companies. For example, as an analyst, you can provide potential business decisions based on market trends and competition. Besides, you can make projections and create a SWOT analysis.

Financial Analysts and Investment Bankers

MS Excel is the most used tool when it comes to tracking cash. As a financial analyst, you can help organizations and individuals make well-informed financial decisions. More than that, did you know that spreadsheets are the best tool to visualize data sets? These positions definitely require your Excel knowledge.

Sales and Marketing Managers

Sales managers need a spreadsheet in-hand to track costs and product variables. Simply saying, they need numbers. Therefore, the best environment to see the big picture is a spreadsheet. Meanwhile, marketers need Excel to track and fill up with the metrics.

Administrative and Operations Managers

Administrative positions are responsible for planning, organizing, and scheduling their activities. In addition, they need to plan their resources along with costs and timelines. They depend on Excel capabilities from financial modeling to inventory management.

Project Managers and Coordinators

Project managers are involved in a wide range of fields. They need to coordinate, plan, and track the progress. Even though these positions require knowledge in pretty advanced project software, Excel is not an exception. This tool can handle different tasks efficiently.

Accountants and Auditors

These finance professionals need Excel skills the most. Some people believe that Microsoft designed the software to help them handle all kinds of financial documents. Balance sheets, income statements, tax returns are a couple of examples. If you possess any Excel certifications along with your degree, then you most probably will land your dream job.

Professors and teaching assistants

Along with their specializations, teachers and professors need to organize their sessions and course outlines. Thus, Excel features fit in here perfectly. It helps to keep track of students’ information such as contacts, grades, or relevant personal information.


These jobs that require Excel skills in 2020 expect you to use of formulas, functions, and tips and tricks. If you are running out of time or patience, we recommend trying our Excel Game. It is a fun, fast, and interactive way to sharpen your skills and find your dream job

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