Top 6 Financial Literacy Games

Top 6 Financial Literacy Games

What is Game-based learning?

Game-based learning became a trend and an effective solution for students. It allows them to manage money and, therefore, gain more power in the decision-making process. Besides, you can develop your logic and critical thinking. Here are the top 6 financial literacy games to start learning how to manage your finances.

Shady Sam

It is a game-changer for those who don’t pay much attention to loan terms. The players take the role of a loan shark and start chasing the customers who pay fees and interest. The more people execute their duties on time, the more points the players get. Shady Sam helps students to understand how the banks take advantage of them and how to turn the situation in their favor.


This game targets people who know less about the struggles of low-income living. Spent allows players to experience the reality of making family decisions, living paychecks and other daily financial decisions. It soon became a hit among financial literacy games.

Money Magic

This game is designed to teach students the basic budgeting principles. The main character, Enzo, challenges the players to find the balance between the wants and long-term plans. This virtual environment is an untraditional way to practice your budgeting skills.


Financial modeling can be quite challenging but not with this game. You can learn the shortcuts and develop your muscle memory in a fun way. You will be able to enhance your financial literacy and make the right decisions.

The UBER Game

Students take the role of Uber drivers who want to pay the mortgage. The game helps to prepare students to face life challenges in a fluctuating economy. It seems easy to drive an Uber and earn money. However, things change once you have to pay the mortgage.


There is a typical college concern: how to succeed without taking on huge student debt. Payback is a game that teaches students to keep a balance between your work, social life, and academics. Once you have the feel of the game, you will be able to apply the knowledge in real life.


Learning through games can have a huge impact on people’s lives. You can compete with other players or just track your own progress. As long as it requires your financial thinking, you can make a change. If you are interested in gaining new tips and tricks, then give it a try.

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