Top 6 Excel Uses in Business [Infographic]

Top 6 Excel Uses in Business [Infographic]

What are the top Excel uses in business?

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are one of the most common software in business in the last 30 years. It became an integral part of the of the global organizations that use the software daily. keySkillset created a list of top 6 Excel uses in business and summarized its main functions in an infographic.

For example, one of the primary Excel uses is related to numbers. Specifically, finance people need to calculate, do charts and track inventory. By using count counta and countblank functions the work will become easier and more efficient. It will help you count the numbers in a cell range and the process will be even faster by using shortcuts.

Another Excel use in business is in planning and creating dashboards. Project managers become more organized since they can put together design prototypes and mock-ups. But, Excel is also a great place to play intellectual games such as Sudoku or simply plan your trip.



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Stay tuned with our next blog posts about Excel shortcuts and their importance for training memory muscles. You will understand how by playing a cognitive game, you can increase your productivity and save time.

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