Top 5 Tips for Amazing PowerPoint Presentations

Top 5 Tips for Amazing PowerPoint Presentations

Good leaders are able to recognize their weaknesses and work on them to turn into strengths. Some people may agree that a good leader has great presentation skills along with other important qualities. However, even if you think you are good, there is always space for improvement. This article targets business professionals who are confident in their PowerPoint skills but could get better. Take a look at the top 5 tips for amazing PowerPoint presentations.

Focus on your tone of voice

Your voice is a powerful tool to deliver a compelling and high impact presentation. Presenters who can alternate their tone based on the content are great persuaders. Moreover, they seem to be more confident in what they say. For instance, they lower their voice when finishing a slide or a thought in order to signal the beginning of a new idea.

Learn to be an editor

Great presenters proved to have great editing skills, which means fewer slides with the key points. For example, the McKinsey company instructs the new consultants that less is better. In an effective presentation you have to be concise and do not overwhelm the audience with information. The most memorable speeches are the ones with a few slides because people were focused on what the presenter has to say.

Create that ‘extra’ moment

Unexpected situations can make an impact on the audience. The idea is to play with the people’s emotions so that they remember your speech. There are many opportunities as long as you know how to apply your creativity. For example, creating a poll among the audience, giving a shocking fact or simply surprising.

Say ‘no’ to bullet points

Research and experiments show that a presentation becomes more effective when you deliver the information in images rather than bullet points. In addition, after three days it is said that people will recall 65% of the image and only 10% from the text. The key takeaway is that the text and visuals should complement each other and not dominate.

Dedicate enough time to rehearse

The world’s great speakers invested time and patience to deliver a perfect presentation. Besides reviewing the slides, they should practice their gestures and voice. Learn to combine ideas from the past and improvise. This comes naturally through regular practice.


Great communication skills provide amazing value for a presenter. It can help to advance in career and elevate your position within the organization. While there are many great speakers, it is never late to grasp these tips for amazing PowerPoint presentations. keySkillset can help you stand out and deliver something great all the time.

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