Top 5 Smart ways HR can improve employee’s productivity

Top 5 Smart ways HR can improve employee’s productivity

Do human resources play an important role?

In the last couple of years, the department of human resources has significantly raised its value within the organization. The main reason is that management realizes how important it is to hire the right people for the right job. For example, It saves a lot of time, effort, and money as the person you trust managed to build up a strong team with good qualifications. In this article, we will put an emphasis on the top five smart ways HR can improve employee’s productivity.

The HR representatives are the ones that design the compensation programs, recruiting and training the workers. The goals are to ensure professional and personal development as well as financial gains within the company. To achieve that, HR has to provide incentives and build result-oriented and efficient training programs. Get some inspiration from these ideas to start building a positive working environment.

1. Distribute a survey

One of the best ways to build a working program is to ask your employees directly what would make them happy.  Understanding their pains and considering them as your customers will help to find solutions easier. For example, you could ask whether your employees understand the future career opportunities along with the promotions. If the answer is negative, it means they don’t have a goal or something to work for. Another question would be if they are happy or if the current situation provides an appropriate work-life balance. Keep in mind to ask only relevant questions related to the company culture and environment.

2. Encourage innovation

When the employees are allowed to create and bring new ideas, it will potentially boost sales. As an HR representative, you should create a specific program of activities. That program will manage to develop an innovative environment.

3. Offer flexibility

According to the Best Buy survey, by offering flexible schedule employees can become more productive by 35%. Indeed, when they have a choice in organizing their time according to the needs and convenience results are positive. The employees’ productivity increases and everyone is happy. For a proper flex work program, try to test the system first, then train the management and establish communication systems. Finally, create an appropriate policy program followed by an assessment.

4. Working conditions

An HR can improve employee’s productivity by ensuring proper lighting, comfortable temperature, and safety equipment. More than that, a good plant arrangement will improve eye health and reduce stress. Try to reduce noise pollution whenever possible. Remind the employees to be respectful and organize typical teamwork in designated spaces.

5. Update the technology

With technological developments, it’s time to use that in your favor to run a smooth business. For example, you should update the software systems regularly and check any hacking attempts. For that, re-assess the company’s allocated budget. Prepare training materials on how to deal with the new technology. In addition, monitor the hardware/software updates regularly.


Either a corporation or a small/medium-sized company it has never been easy to create an ideal productivity plan. However, it is not impossible to build such an environment when a well-trained human resources leader can manage.

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