Top 5 Excel Podcasts in 2020

Top 5 Excel Podcasts in 2020

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio recording that you can explore, download and listen to your own time. It can be your favorite show or blog that covers on-demand topics. Moreover, you can listen to it anywhere as long as you have your headphones on.

Podcasting started as a way to make your message loud and share your interests with the community. In this article, we will focus on Excel podcasts and what companies are trying to tell. Here is a list that will make your day:

Learn Microsoft Excel with MyExcelOnline

The founder of MyExcelOnline targets beginner & intermediate Microsoft Excel users. His goal is to teach different Excel tips and tricks and how to make use of the Excel options. This includes Macros, VBA, shortcuts or Power BI. Besides, the podcasts cover interviews with other Excel gurus from around the world. Usually, they share interesting insights that will help advance your Excel knowledge.

Developer Tea

With over 13 million downloads to date, Developer Tea helps software developers or anyone working in Ed-tech to excel in their careers. The goal is to make them excel and create that ultimate impact on the audience.

My Excel Online Tutorials

This podcast is ideal for beginner & intermediate users who want to grasp the basics of Excel and more. It covers different formulas, shortcuts, macros and other small secrets that you can learn while listening.

Financial Excellence with Game Changers

This podcast helps entrepreneurs and innovators to achieve financial excellence. It is time to think about transformational technologies that can move your business in the right direction. Learn about efficient ways to deal with your finances and software.


The company has a simple goal. They want you to become awesome in Excel and Power BI. There are a few methods to do that. So, Chandoo is revealing some of the best tips in his regular podcasts. Discover more about Data Analysis, Dashboards and VBA using Excel.


This list is not complete and we are willing to explore more amazing podcasts about Excel tips and tricks. There is more to come in the nearest future.

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