Top 5 Educational Apps in Finance in 2020

Top 5 Educational Apps in Finance in 2020

Financial modeling, accounting or any other finance topics are hard skills to master because it requires time, motivation, and persistence. Besides, it is difficult to engage users or even to find the right time for practice. Today, the power of mobile applications takes over us. Even when you commute to work or during your break, you prefer staring at your phone. Why not spend it efficiently? Here are the top 5 Educational Apps in Finance in 2020 to get you through the day.

Modeling with Spreadsheets

In the current job management days people need to learn to excel in their IT skills. Specifically, they have to use Excel spreadsheets to analyze data and build models. The goal of the app is to show how we can apply financial modeling tools in real life. Overall, you will focus on sharpening your mathematical skills, data automation, building spreadsheets, and logic. At the end of the game, users will be able to build linked systems of spreadsheets models.


FundSpec offers a comprehensive solution to analyze the financial markets on the go. You have access to technical analysis tools and other fundamental approaches to make the right decision. Besides stocks and cryptocurrencies, why not learn to build a financial model with confidence. For example, this app will teach you to create Scenario analysis models, Deep learning patterns, and Discounted Cash Flow models.

Financial Analysis

So far, it is one of the easiest apps to navigate because of its minimalist design and panel. Millions of students, finance professionals, and business people can download it and do their analysis on the way to work. For example, this Financial Analysis app calculates and gives an overall description along with an interpretation of its features. It allows conducting financial ratio analysis and financial distress analysis.

Financial Accounting Free Course

IFRS, Financial Accounting, or GAAP are the main topics to prepare yourself for the finance examinations. It is an easy tool to learn while enjoying lunch breaks or traveling home. The app gives you confidence and proved strategies to do well for your exams. You can access the exam simulator, filter the questions, play financial games, and track your progress.

Basic Accounting Tutorial

It is time to say goodbye to struggles in accounting. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, by downloading this app you take the first steps in the world of finance. It is suitable for business students, professionals, or finance experts who still want to learn Accounting. For instance, the app offers a step by step guide along with formulas, financial statements, and functions to take your knowledge to the edge.


keySkillset follows the latest developments in the financial area to see what strategies come up with. It is pretty exciting to see how they want to improve the users’ experience. Take your smartphone and be ready to grasp as much information as you can from everywhere with these Educational apps in Finance.

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