Top 5 Awesome Reasons to Use Excel Shortcuts

Top 5 Awesome Reasons to Use Excel Shortcuts

Why Should You Start Using Excel Shortcuts?

Microsoft Excel is a software that became essential when dealing with huge amounts of data. In order to manage the spreadsheet data more efficiently and faster, we came across Excel shortcuts that are able to save 80% of our working time. keySkillset gathered 5 amazing reasons to use Excel shortcuts and created an infographic that will allow understanding better the importance of Excel.

One of the reasons that shortcuts should be used is related to health issues. Repetitive Syndrom Injury occurs as a result of manual labor, use of modern technological devices and work in the office (especially in front of the computer when clicking the mouse continuously). Repetitive actions in one part of the body may affect the muscles in another part. However, there is a way to prevent injuries and start paying more attention to your health.

We suggest to carry on workplace practices such as exercises and regular breaks. But, if there is too much work Excel shortcuts can turn the usual formatting into a cognitive game. For example, instead of always clicking on the mouse to find duplicates you can use Alt A M.


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If you want to become more productive at your work-place, keySkillset will help you advance in Excel hotkeys. You can learn fast by simply playing games. The software has different levels of difficulty, allows to practice your skills constantly and have the work done faster.

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