Top 4 tips to improve your muscle memory

Top 4 tips to improve your muscle memory

What is muscle memory?

Muscle memory consists of a set of memories that are hidden in the brain as a cache. It is a way that helps you become better at something via repetitive actions. If you start playing an instrument and keep practicing you will improve significantly. In other words, practice makes perfect, which is true because of procedural memory. When you keep repeating the same notes of a song for hours, you will notice continuous improvements.

Let’s break down some of the tips and tricks that will help you improve muscle memory effectively.

Find the model

First of all, you should find the best moves or techniques to learn from. Getting started with the wrong moves will lead to continuous mistakes, which will result in failure. You will realize that developing bad habits will have unwanted results. Moreover, when you repeat mistakes you incorporate them in your memory and that will be very hard to retrain later.

Slowly but steadily

A pianist does not learn the whole song several times. Instead, he practices and strengthens the knowledge of one part and following the next part. Another example is with a football player that masters the basic tricks first, then he learns more difficult techniques. Therefore, it is better to start easily and then increase the difficulty step-by-step. The chances to remember the tricks are much higher.

Repetition is the key

Some cultures consider repetition as the mother of knowledge. We definitely agree with that because repetition generates new neural pathways in the brain. As a result, these pathways help to perform the activities better.

Short sessions

You should not over exhaust yourself while practicing because we all need time to rest. You learn more by returning to the previous acts. Instead of doing it for longer you should perform it randomly. In such a way your brain understands the importance of stocking that process and will prioritize it.


Muscle memory requires you to focus on the quality over the quantity. When you practice, be patient and learn slowly. You can go back to repeat a particular part without rushing. Moreover, It is easier to learn something when it is broken into parts. Breaks are important as well as patience and motivation. We at KeySkillSet, offer our gamified and self-paced version of learning Excel skills that will help improve muscle memory. Feel free to try our game and master new skills more efficiently and faster.

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