Top 4 Time-Saving Tips for PowerPoint

Top 4 Time-Saving Tips for PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint is your number one tool in creating unique and engaging presentations. It helps to visualize different projects, present products or simply, give a speech. However, you need creativity and time to produce that ‘wow’ presentation. keySkillset gathered some time-saving tips for PowerPoint to take your project to a different level.

Embedded 3D Models

If you created customized 3D models before, it is the right time to incorporate those skills into your presentation. It is fun and makes the slide more dynamic. However, if you do not have any models in-hand, PowerPoint offers a library with ready-to-go animations. By clicking Insert and selecting your 3D model, you will create a great impression on your audience.

Ideas and Designer

Not everyone has a developed creative side. This is where PowerPoint Ideas come in and generate particular designs for your slides. If you do not want to spend time manually looking for ideas in different places, with a few clicks you can do the job. For example, the PowerPoint options can adjust the font size, change image size, and suggest layouts. Therefore, you can save time and focus on other tasks.

Old slides, new project

Never have we ever thought that this tool can be so helpful. If you work in one organization, you have to stick to the same layout and icons. PowerPoint helps to repurpose the content but use the same slides. By choosing Reuse Slides on the Home tab, look for your old presentation and select the needed slides. Then, insert them into your new presentation.

Ink Pen

The times of using shapes and extra moves are over. Instead, you can select the digital pen and draw it on your computer screen. PowerPoint converts your drawings into text and beautiful shapes. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the software will propose design ideas and icons to make the most out of your presentation.


We love working in PowerPoint and checking out on the new trends or features. It gives the motivation to transform the usual slides into something eye-catchy and attractive. What if we tell you that you can make these presentations not only beautiful but also faster with PowerPoint Speed.

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