Top 4 Easy Ways to Improve Active Learning

Top 4 Easy Ways to Improve Active Learning

What is active learning?

Active learning is the term used for a set of practical activities and tactics. With the emergence of technology, managers have to rely on more innovative methods. This will result in higher engagement and more positive results. Here are four easy ways to improve active learning.


Role-playing and expressing your point through different arguments involves listening. It allows you to structure your thoughts and gives the opportunity to speak. In addition, you have to become a good listener and pay attention to what your colleagues say. In debates, you express your point of view and learn to give an appropriate response back to your opponents.

Quizzes and games

This active learning technique counts as a formal assessment or a fun way to engage your employees. An educational game such as KeySkillSet or quizzes created in Kahoot can become meaningful exercises for brain training.

At the end of the activity, you can compare the results between the colleagues. It allows you to assess and provide feedback about the effectiveness. Besides, it gives a big picture of whether people understood the instructions.


As a more cooperative activity, the employees pair and discuss a topic or specific material. You ask them to prepare questions or share observations with the rest of the team.

The process is divided into three parts. First, you give a task or ask for feedback at an individual level. Second, you get the participants into pairs to share their opinions. Third, each pair shares their comments with the entire team.

Case studies

Active learning technique encourages people to apply their knowledge and experience in solving cases. Rather than asking them to follow a template and click on specific buttons, it is suggested to use your logic. More than that, it implies discussions with other colleagues to make sure everyone is on-page.


Nowadays, more and more companies prioritize active learning during team building sessions. Moreover, the HR team implements a human-to-human approach and harnesses the power of technology. Give it a go with more games, videos, and interactions.

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