Top 3 Trends to Watch in PowerPoint

Top 3 Trends to Watch in PowerPoint

PowerPoint does not lag behind and continues to innovate when it comes to design and functionality. For example, you may hear about the power of infographics or the minimalist approach. In this article, you will learn the three trends to watch in PowerPoint in 2020.

These considerations will help you to create contemporary and eye-catching presentations with less effort. Here is what you have to learn:

Who runs the world? Infographics

A presentation is a visual recreation of a particular topic. Therefore, the main focus would be the power of images, icons, and lines. In this case, less text is the best idea. In recent years, graphic designers and marketers take full advantage of infographics. They can easily replace a huge amount of text and images with the key points of a project. Moreover, they are trendy and replace the usual charts and diagrams.

Minimalism is taking over

In 2020, try to concentrate on the design and amount of elements you use. For example, the slides should reflect only the most important information. Keep the colors conservative and images calm because it is the speaker’s job to give an oral explanation. Moreover, the font is usually uniform, strong, and bold. In other words, the PowerPoint trend goes towards flat design with reduced content. The users take advantage of the white space and keep the major content.

Time for smooth transitions

This might be one of the biggest trends to watch in PowerPoint in 2020. Morphing is the perfect solution for the presentations with heavy images. It provides a smooth transition between the slides without too much wait. Besides, you are able to zoom in the content and show various slide sections. You can find the morph effect in the Transitions section.


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