Top 10 technical skills required in the dynamic job market

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Vidya Gopinath for keySkillset
Top 10 technical skills required in the dynamic job market

One upside of the increasing layoffs is that companies are in need of resources, while there is also a wide range of workforce looking for opportunities. In this scenario it becomes challenging to find a dynamic job and a candidate with top technical skills. However, there is forever demand for good candidates with excellent technical skills. Now, the top technical skills required to succeed in today's dynamic job market depend on the specific industry or job function.

This is the 2nd blog of the series. The 1st blog was Top 10 in-demand skills you need to succeed in the dynamic job market. and in this blog we will discuss top 10 technical skills.

Meanwhile, let us take a look at what technical skills are in demand. You might also need pointers on how to keep technical skills up to date

Top technical skills for dynamic jobs 

But some of the top technical skills in demand include:

Programming languages: Knowledge of programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby is highly valued across many industries, from finance to healthcare. A developer will need to know JavaScript to develop interactive websites. Javascript was created in 1995 and was initially known as LiveScript. 

Alternatively, Python, the more popular programming languages, is easy to learn because of its readability. This free, open-source programming language has extensive support modules and community development. It also supports easy integration with web services, user-friendly data structures, and GUI-based desktop applications. It is a popular programming language for machine learning and deep learning applications.

Meanwhile, here is the list of the most popular programming languages that will be in demand in 2023.

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Go
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Swift
  • R
  • Ruby
  • C and C++
  • Matlab
  • TypeScript
  • Scala
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • NoSQL
  • Rust
  • Perl

When do you look to learn these programming languages? When you want to begin your career as a programmer, make a lateral move into another field, or advance up the ladder at your current job, then learning one of these languages is an excellent place to begin your transition. And since the programming language courses range from Python for the beginner to Java for the experienced, you have to find the right fit for you. To join a waiting list for a Python or SQL course at keySkillset, click the pre-registration link. 

Cloud computing: Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular, and knowledge of platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is in high demand. Now, a business analyst may need to use AWS to analyze large data sets stored in the cloud.

Cloud computing is utilized to develop computer resources, which can be accessed across any device from anywhere. This incorporates a number of traditional software development principles. Programming, platform expertise, database and network management and data migration are some of the important cloud computing skills.

And here are the top technical skills required for cloud computing to develop in 2023:

  • Cloud Security
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Cloud Deployment and Migration Across Multiple Platforms
  • Technical Skills Required for Cloud Computing
  • Database Skills   
  • DevOps

Data analysis: The ability to collect, analyze, and interpret data is essential for making informed decisions. Knowledge of tools such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau, and Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib is essential. A marketing analyst may need to use Tableau to visualize and analyze customer behavior data. Transitioning to a data analyst career translates to a high paid stable job environment, if you have the right kind of knowledge and skills. 

But, have you ever wondered what kind of skills are in demand in the field of data? So, here we have compiled even trending data science skills that represent some of the most searched skills.

  • Structured Query Language(SQL)
  • Statistical programming
  • Machine learning 
  • Probability and statistics 
  • Data Management 
  • Statistical Visualization 
  • Econometrics

Meanwhile, to join the waiting list for SQL course at keySkillset, check out the pre-registration link. 

Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity skills are in high demand as organizations seek to protect their data and networks from cyber threats. Knowledge of security protocols, risk assessment, and threat detection is essential. A cybersecurity specialist may need to implement security protocols to protect against phishing attacks.

Meanwhile, because of factors such as the distributed nature of the internet, increased profitability and ease of commerce on the dark web, proliferation of mobile devices, etc, cybercrime is on the rise. This is the reason for the demand of cyber security thus preventing  confidential data from getting leaked. And this demanding situation gives rise to the cyber security job demand. 

So, here are some top cyber security skills you should learn: 

  • Understanding of hacking 
  • Cloud security 
  • Computer forensic skills 
  • Block chain security 
  • Artificial intelligence(AI)
  • Programming skills 
  • IoT security 
  • Communication skills 
  • Problem-solving skills 

Mobile app development: As more people use mobile devices for work and leisure, knowledge of mobile app development for platforms such as Android and iOS is increasingly in demand. An app developer may need to know how to develop for iOS to create a mobile app for a client. The use of mobile app users around the world is skyrocketing, thus making mobile app development a very lucrative career. 

Companies from  several domains and industries seek highly skilled mobile developers to build successful applications. In the meantime, it is seen that mobile developers should not only master what they already know, but should also adapt to the new technologies and skills. 

So, here is the list of most key skills that mobile app developers need to know in 2023: 

  • Able to program in multiple languages 
  • Develop cross-platform development skills 
  • Unit testing best practices 
  • Clean Architecture 
  • MVVM, MVP(Architecture patterns) 
  • Knowledge of UX/ UI 
  • Writing and researching skills 
  • Critical thinking 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): AI and ML are revolutionizing many industries, and knowledge of these technologies is becoming essential. Familiarity with tools such as TensorFlow, Keras, and scikit-learn is essential. A data scientist may need to use TensorFlow to develop a machine learning model for predictive analytics.

AI involves creating computer systems that can perform human-like tasks, while machine learning is a specific form of AI that allows computers to learn and improve from data. While machine learning is part of AI, not all AI systems use machine learning. Both fields offer exciting career prospects, with AI and machine learning jobs expected to grow quickly. Machine learning's effectiveness in numerous areas makes it a crucial component of modern AI, allowing computers to learn and evolve through data science, enhancing their problem-solving capabilities. 

Meanwhile, the list of most in-demand AI skills for 2023 include: 

  • Machine learning 
  • Deep learning 
  • Natural language processing 
  • Robotics 
  • Computer vision 
  • Big data analytics
  • Data engineering 
  • Mathematics and related concepts 

User experience (UX) design: The ability to create user-friendly and engaging interfaces is becoming increasingly important across many industries, from e-commerce to healthcare. A UX designer may need to create a user-friendly interface for an e-commerce website to increase customer engagement and sales.

UX designers utilize both technical and workplace skills in their design work, with some being specific to UI/UX, while others are more general. If you are looking for a career as a UX designer, then it's highly likely that you possess transferable skills that can aid you in transitioning to a career in UX design.

The list of UX skills to consider include: 

  • Prototyping, wireframing, user flows, mockups
  • Visual design and design software 
  • User research and usability testing 
  • Agile 
  • Information Architecture 
  • Application development 
  • Collaboration skills 
  • Communication and presentation skills 
  • Prioritization and time management 

DevOps: The DevOps approach emphasizes collaboration between developers and operations teams to streamline software development and deployment. Knowledge of tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Jenkins is essential. A software engineer may need to use Docker to create a containerized environment for testing and deployment. 

Kubernetes automates application management using external CI/CD tools. Docker facilitates the creation and operation of multiple portable environments, while Jenkins is an automated testing tool. Kubernetes, on the other hand, also automated deployment, scaling, and management of applications.

And for those eyeing a lucrative career in this domain, the most in-demand skills to acquire are: 

  • Linux fundamentals and scripting skills
  • Understanding of relevant tools
  • Security skills
  • Automation skills
  • Coding and scripting
  • Cloud skills
  • Testing skills
  • Configuration and version management
  • Source code management 
  • Learning proactive monitoring
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Soft skills and noble thoughts
  • Contagious integration 
  • Continuous testing and monitoring 

Blockchain: Blockchain technology is gaining popularity in industries such as finance and supply chain management. Knowledge of blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Hyperledger is in high demand. A financial analyst may need to use Ethereum to develop smart contracts for secure and transparent transactions.

Blockchain is a decentralized database that enables the creation of a digital ledger for recording transactions. It operates through a network of computers or nodes that collaborate to validate and store these transactions on the ledger. Transactions are encrypted and added to a block, which is then appended to a chain of blocks, creating an immutable and permanent record.

Some of the in-demand block chain jobs include block chain developer, block chain project manager, block chain solutions architect, block chain legal consultant, block chain UI/ UX designer, block chain quality assurance engineer, block chain data scientist and so on. 

Any one looking to join these in-demand jobs will need skills such as: 

  • Coding for block chain platforms 
  • Developing DApps 
  • Writing smart contracts 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Understanding cryptography 
  • Interoperability 
  • Database management 

Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of Things refers to the interconnectivity of devices, and knowledge of IoT platforms and protocols is increasingly in demand in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare. A manufacturing engineer may need to use IoT sensors to monitor and optimize production processes.

As the Internet of Things expands and becomes more intricate, professionals working in this field will require a diverse set of skills to thrive in this evolving landscape. The list of skills include: 

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning 
  • Node.js development 
  • Mobile app development 
  • API automation and testing 
  • Information security 
  • UI/UX design 
  • Cloud computing 


To conclude, possessing technical skills alone is not enough to excel in today's dynamic job market. Professionals must also demonstrate effective communication and collaboration skills, along with soft skills such as time management and adaptability. By continually upskilling, individuals can position themselves as valuable assets and thrive in this rapidly changing landscape. And the best place to upskill is keySkillset, the simulation based LMS platform that focuses on building your technical skills. Subscribe now to master the skills! 

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