Top 10 Best Excel Bloggers to Follow 2018

Top 10 Best Excel Bloggers to Follow 2018

Who Are the Best Bloggers to Follow in 2018?

Microsoft Excel is software and technical skill with a high value on the resume. It requires patience and quick assimilation of the information. However, people found ways to make the process easier and gave access to excellent content to follow. keySkillset gathered under one list 10 best Excel bloggers that influenced positively our learning habits and improved efficiency in our usual work.

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1. Excel off the Grid

With his 20 years of experience in Excel, Mark gives us a very good example of a well-structured Excel blog. There you can find everything from add-ins to dashboards. In addition, Mark recommends various books and courses to master your skills in Excel.

2. Chandoo

Purna Duggirala, known as Chandoo, is offering a great website for everyone, from the beginner users to highly advanced ones. He started his website/blog/newsletter almost a decade ago and his website becomes one of the most recognized websites in the Excel world.

3. Mr. Excel

Without any doubt, Mr.Excel is one of the most experienced and most famous bloggers about Excel. With his 43 books and over 29 of experience in the spreadsheet, Bill Jelen offers everything you need to know about Excel. Besides that, he offers excel consulting services through his website.

4. The Spreadsheet Page

If you are familiar with Excel spreadsheets and looking for a website to improve your skills in Excel, then John Walkenbach’s website, The Spreadsheet Page, is the perfect place for you! The Spreadsheet Page offers great Excel-related products, a lot of free Excel tips and all the other useful stuff for intermediate and advanced users.

5. (Ken Puls) is a great place if you are looking to become an expert in Excel. Ken Puls’ website offers you a variety of guides, which are thoroughly written and easy to understand. In his website, you can find a huge, active Excel community, where you can connect with some experts and discuss some geeky Excel topics.

6. PowerPivotPro

As you can understand from its name, offers you the latest trends and topics about Power Pivot and Power BI. Their website offers you great tips and tools about data visualization by using Power Pivot and Power BI. Moreover, if you are familiar with Power Pivot and Power BI, we strongly recommend you check their website.

7. ExcelUser

One of the founders of the spreadsheets and their usage, Charley Kyd is definitely one of the most experienced spreadsheet users in the world. He has been using a spreadsheet for over 35, even before the Excel was invented. Hence, on his website, you can find many great articles about dashboards, formulas, and functions for all levels of skill.

8. Excel Charts

As you may probably understand, is an amazing place for people looking to improve their skills in Excel. The website contains charts, data visualization, and formulas. In addition, Jorge Camoes is a great tutor and author when it comes to data elaboration. As a result, his blog is always up to date with the latest news about data visualization.

9. Excel University

Being a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Jeff Lenning is a great guy who loves helping people. Therefore, he aims to make users faster in assimilating the information and more efficient in Excel. In his website,, you can find books, articles and online courses about Excel. Furthermore, with its over 200 blogs, Excel University is a great source for all levels of Excel users.

10. Ozgrid Business Applications is the right place to be when it comes to additional software products like Excel templates and add-ins! The founders of Ozgrid, Dave Hawley, and Raina Hawley offer you the best specialized Excel products for your business. With their highly active forum and free tutorial videos about Excel formulas and functions, we suggest you check it out!


So, this list gives you the names of top 10 best excel blogs to follow. But, apart from following these bloggers, the best way to understand what excel can be used for is to get upskilled in excel. To know more about excel efficiency courses your can also check out keySkillset and its offerings in the website.

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