The Magic of Eight Minutes for E-learning

The Magic of Eight Minutes for E-learning

What is behind the 8 Minutes Magic?

For some people, eight minutes means a lot and for others, it is almost nothing. When starting your learning practice it is hard to dive straight into the session. As a result, you look for small distractions or motivation to kick off the process.

At the end of the day, you should activate your knowledge, concentrate, establish goals and show interest. The eight minutes is the right time to self-start your learning process. It covers the beginning and end of the session.

Here are some magic tricks that will create those eight minutes and increase your motivation:

  1. Read some good news. It is important to start the learning process in a good mood. In some way, you celebrate success and create that comfort and confidence in your efforts. Moreover, It is a safe way to make people take risks.
  2. Reflect and meditate. Ask yourself how the learning process will help you in the future. It will help to develop your self-reflective thinking and concentrate on your tasks.
  3. Watch YouTube. It may sound too entertaining. However, watching a short informative or funny video before the learning process will not harm. YouTube has content for any taste or interest. Maybe you can find some material connected to your learning subject. In that case, it will serve as a perfect fundamental.
  4. Connect with other disciplines. Like a fitness trainer, you should prepare your muscles before the big workout. The typical subjects such as physics, chemistry or accounting are not an exception. Warm-up your brain with some simple math exercises before diving into finance.
  5. Do feedback. Every lesson should result in an outcome: either positive or negative. You should provide a self-assessment and ensure the efficiency of what you studied.
  6. Share with the world. In the era of social media, people love sharing their achievements. LinkedIn and Twitter are commonly used platforms to show your level of knowledge and experience. Compose a tweet of how you reached a new level in Excel or PowerPoint.


A learning session is like a story that has a beginning and an end. Make the most of that timing and spend those eight minutes for your pleasure. You can try these tips with our Game today and now.

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