Speed Up When Navigating and Highlighting in Excel

Speed Up When Navigating and Highlighting in Excel

In our time of enormous speeds and a multitude of events, the time spent on solving the tasks is extremely important.
Even such simple actions like moving to the necessary cell or highlighting a row occupy an essential part of the work when added up.
According to statistics, time spent on performing elementary activities in Excel can reach 50% of the total time spent on solving a particular task. At the very inexperienced this share can exceed 90%.

In this article, we’ll talk how to increase the speed of work in Excel in a few (a few!) times. The secret is … In using Excel shortcuts and hot keys. These simple shortcuts will save you tons of time in Excel, starting from seconds and adding up to days!

1. Navigating in Excel with one click

“Ctrl + arrow” will bring you to the end of contiguous range, and “Ctrl + Home” will always bring you to the cell A1.

“Go To” window (“F5” hot key) will bring you to ANY cell you wish in the spreadsheet.

2. Highlighting in Excel with one click

“Shift+ arrow” will highlight the cells for you, “Ctrl + Shift + Arrow” will highlight contiguous ranges.

“Ctrl + A” will highlight the whole table / contiguous range.

And last, but not least, “Ctrl + Spacebar” will highlight the whole column and “Shift + Spacebar” will highlight the whole row.


These are easy and “mega hot keys” to navigating and highlighting in Excel that allow you to save tons of time.

We strongly recommend that you practice all the hot keys described above. The main thing is to constantly practice until it comes to automation. Let’s save the most valuable resource – time.

Many more shortcuts and other Excel tips and tricks in our Game.

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