Office 2019 Features Released

Office 2019 Features Released

In one of the latest articles, we discussed some technical features and improvements that Microsoft brought for Excel version 2019. Charts, pivot tables, and links to documents are just a couple of them. What if I tell that not only Excel but also PowerPoint and Outlook have something new to share. Here are some of the office 2019 features that Microsoft recently released.

Email Management in Office Outlook

According to Microsoft, the release of the new Outlook will take away some of the daily struggles. For example, the new version includes a focused inbox, travel package cards, groups, and mentions. All these features will help users to manage their emails effectively.

Data Analysis in Excel

Excel is the number one software to use when it comes to data management and analysis. In 2019 the users will take advantage of more powerful Excel features. For example, they will be able to publish from Excel to Microsoft business analytics tool and explore the new version of PowerPivot and Power Query. Moreover, there are new formulas, pivot tables, and charts. All these new enhancements make customers use their time efficiently and execute work at a high level.

More Advanced PowerPoint

A good presentation requires a good professional software. For example, you may think of Prezi or PowerPoint. Therefore, to stay out of the competition Microsoft must incorporate in their software the most advanced and tech-savvy features. That’s what they actually did. PowerPoint 2019 has enhanced Zoom and Morph capabilities, which help in creating professional presentations.

Inking Features

Users who are big fans of Microsoft Surface and its digital pen for drawing can take advantage of the new improved inking features. That will include tilt effects for adjusting pen’s thickness, pressure sensitivity, and highlighters. Moreover, it will have a roaming pencil case for storing and organizing your favorite pencils.

There is a lot of excitement around the new Office 2019 features and we can’t wait to try them and wait for feedback. keySkillset will keep you constantly updated on that.


As you can see from this blog, there’s plenty to be excited about with Office 2019—including plenty of new (and, in many cases, frequently requested) features. Do you want to dig in even more and find out how you can leverage Microsoft Office? You can explore all the keySkillset courses, which will keep you updated with the details of its courses related to MS Office tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. Get upskilled in foundational skills and stand out as a job seeker during interviews.

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