How to Structure your PowerPoint Presentation

How to Structure your PowerPoint Presentation

A great PowerPoint presentation differentiates from not so great ones through its structure. For example, organized slides with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion are some of the key aspects. However, you should go beyond that to make your speech memorable. Learn in the following article how to structure your PowerPoint presentation to deliver the right message.

Be subtle but straightforward

At the university, professors had been always telling you to reiterate the points that you will focus on in your presentation. As a result, it was stealing some of your minutes or maybe adding that needed time. In other words, you were supposed to talk about what you will talk about. It is time to change that mentality.

The organization of your presentation should be rather subtle than too obvious. It gives support and natural flow. Thus, instead of making a big statement about your structure, just do it.

Examples of structures

To improve your presentation skills, try to follow different structures. You have to test what works and whatnot in order to find the best option. Besides, it can bring a new life to your speech or creativity. Here are some examples of how to structure your PowerPoint presentations:

  • Chronological. Think of your presentation as a story starting from past details and moving towards the present or future. The audience feels like part of a historical event and makes them understand your story better.
  • Cause-Effect. This example of structure focuses on inherent relationships. In other words, you teach your audience how an event in the society affects other variables.
  • Problem-Solution. Serving as a basis for most of the presentations, you start by underlining the pain point. Eventually, you go through its impact and finalize your solution.
  • Categorical. This type of speech structure is very specific. It works for when you aim to enumerate categories or divisions. For instance, you could focus on different departments of your company and outline any changes.


When creating your presentation, think about how to impress your audience. Don’t waste your energy and time on what you will be talking about. Besides, save time on working on its delivery because slides matter but the way you speak is more crucial.

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