How to Install Microsoft PowerPoint Add-Ins for Dummies

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How to Install Microsoft PowerPoint Add-Ins for Dummies

Elevate your presentations with the power of Microsoft PowerPoint add-ins. These valuable tools can transform your slides, captivate your audience, and boost your productivity. In this article, we'll explore the 10 best add-ins available for PowerPoint in 2023. There is a list of 25 Microsoft PowerPoint Add-Ins, but here we have given the list of 10 Add-Ins. Now, keep watching this space for more blogs covering the rest of the Add-Ins. 

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Installing and Managing PowerPoint Add-Ins

To supercharge your PowerPoint experience, follow these three methods for installing and managing add-ins seamlessly:

Method 1: Download from the Office Store

  • Browse and filter add-ins on the Office Store (AppSource).
  • Check reviews and ratings to select the best add-ins.
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account and grant permission to install the add-in.
  • Access the add-in from the Ribbon or sidebar.

Method 2: Download from inside PowerPoint

  • Open PowerPoint and navigate to the "Insert" > "Add-Ins Group" > "Get Add-Ins" option.
  • Use the Store pane to browse and install add-ins.
  • Manage installed add-ins under "My Add-Ins."
  • Grant permission to Microsoft for installation and access the add-in from the Ribbon.
  • Conveniently control your add-ins through the "My Add-ins" button or the "Manage My Add-ins" link.

Method 3: Download from trusted third-party websites

  • Discover unique add-ins developed by the PowerPoint community.
  • Find valuable add-ins, even for corporate use, which may require a fee.
  • Safely download and install these add-ins to expand PowerPoint's capabilities.

The Best PowerPoint Add-Ins for 2023

Take your presentations to new heights with these handpicked add-ins:

  1. Pickit: Easily incorporate royalty-free images into your slides.


Include eye-catching visuals effortlessly with Pickit, a highly recommended and free Microsoft Office add-in. With Pickit, you can quickly enhance your PowerPoint slides by directly inserting high-quality, royalty-free images. Visual appeal is essential, and Pickit ensures that you can easily add spectacular visuals to your slides in a matter of minutes.

You can find the Pickit PowerPoint Add- In from the Microsoft AppSource

  1. Pexels: Discover a vast collection of free stock photos for your presentations.



Access a vast collection of high-quality stock photos for your presentations with Pexels, a free add-in that simplifies the search for captivating visuals. Pexels is renowned for offering an extensive range of Creative Commons photos, making it a go-to resource for presenters. With the Search by Color option and other image filters, you can effortlessly find the perfect pictures that align with your presentation's theme. Save your favorite images for quick access and make your slides visually stunning with Pexels.

Pexels you can find from the Microsoft AppSource

  1. Emoji Keyboard: Use expressive emojis as visual aids in your slides.

Elevate your presentation's impact with Emoji Keyboard, a free add-in that allows you to effortlessly incorporate over 1,300 emojis as visual aids. Capture your audience's attention and convey emotions effectively by choosing from a diverse library of emojis, available in different sizes and formats, including text and images. The add-in also offers a convenient search function, ensuring you find the perfect emoji for your message. With the option to select different skin tones, Emoji Keyboard promotes inclusivity and representation. Enjoy the added benefit of this add-in requiring minimal permissions, making it a user-friendly choice for enhancing your presentation with expressive emojis. 

The source for Emoji Keyboard is the Microsoft AppSource

  1. Symbols and Characters: Effortlessly find and utilize special characters and symbols.



Effortlessly enhance your presentations with special characters and symbols using this free add-in. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily search for and incorporate diacritics, special characters, and symbols into your PowerPoint slides. Simply enter a letter or short phrase to find the perfect symbol, or utilize the auto-lookup feature that suggests suitable symbols based on your selection. The add-in allows you to narrow down your search by language or character subset, ensuring you find the exact symbol you need to enhance your presentation effectively.

You can find the Symbols and Characters Add-In on Microsoft AppSource for easy access.

  1. THOR - The Hammer: Maintain consistent shape size and position across slides.

Ensure consistent design across your PowerPoint slides with THOR, a free utility from PPTools. This handy add-in tackles the common challenge of maintaining the size and position of shapes, including logos, throughout your presentation. With THOR, you can effortlessly memorize the size and position of a shape, and then apply the same dimensions and alignment to other selected shapes with just a single click of THOR's Hammer button. To access this invaluable add-in, simply download and install it from the designated website. Say goodbye to inconsistencies and achieve a polished, professional look for your PowerPoint presentation using THOR.    

 You can download the Add-In THOR- The Hammer from PPTools here. 

  1. Selection Manager: Simplify managing overlapping shapes with PPTools hereclear labels


Effortlessly manage overlapping shapes on your PowerPoint slides with Selection Manager, a free add-in designed to address selection challenges. Imagine a scenario where you have a stack of various shapes. With Selection Manager, you can assign a unique name to each shape. When needed, the add-in comes to the rescue by allowing you to easily select obscured shapes from a convenient list in its dialog box, effectively "unburying" them. Please note that this valuable add-in is not found in the Office Store. To access it, simply download and install it from the designated website. Simplify shape selection and streamline your slide editing process with Selection Manager for a smoother PowerPoint experience.

This Add-In is also found here in PPTools

  1. ShowMarks: Reveal or hide formatting marks to enhance presentation visuals.

Unleash the power of formatting control in PowerPoint with ShowMarks, a free add-in from Effortlessly reveal or hide formatting marks and symbols, allowing you to fine-tune spacing and achieve precise slide adjustments. Simplify your editing process by downloading this handy add-in, accessible through the ShowMarks group on the PPTools tab. Elevate your PowerPoint presentations with ease and precision.

You can unzip ShowMarks from PPTools here

  1. PowerPointLabs: Unlock additional design, layout, and styling features.

Enhance your PowerPoint presentations effortlessly with PowerPoint Labs, a free add-in by the National University of Singapore. This time-saving tool provides a separate Ribbon tab packed with creative presets, allowing you to apply interactive slide effects that highlight text, diagrams, charts, and images. With added control over shape and slide animations, zoom and pan effects, and the ability to easily add highlights and spotlights on the go, PowerPoint Labs takes your presentations from ordinary to extraordinary. Give it a try and elevate your presentation game.

You can grab the PowerPointLabs Add- in for free from here

  1. PhET Interactive Simulations: Engage your audience with interactive science and math simulations.

Engage students in science and math lessons with the PhET PowerPoint add-in, available for free. Created by the University of Colorado, this powerful tool provides a library of instructional slides featuring interactive simulations. Designed for Grades K-12 and university classes, these well-crafted simulations simplify the process of teaching complex science and math concepts. Elevate your classroom experience with PhET and make learning interactive and engaging.

You can find PhET simulations PowerPoint Add-In from here at Microsoft AppSource

  1. Neo / Ipsum: Generate placeholder text and visualize your design.


Simplify the process of designing your slides with Neo / Ipsum, a free PowerPoint add-in. This handy tool allows you to effortlessly add placeholder text to your slides, saving you time and effort. With the classic Lorem Ipsum set and various custom 'ipsums' available, you can easily populate your placeholders and visualize your design. Download the installer and unleash your creativity with Neo / Ipsum.

Now, if you are looking for Neo/Ipsum for PowerPoint, here it is


By incorporating these 10 essential Microsoft PowerPoint add-ins for 2023, you can elevate your presentations to new heights. Whether you need eye-catching visuals, expressive emojis, special characters, consistent design, shape management, formatting control, interactive simulations, or placeholder text, these add-ins have got you covered. 

Take advantage of the power of add-ins to captivate your audience, streamline your workflow, and create visually stunning slides. Stay tuned for future blogs covering the remaining 15 add-ins from our list. Start exploring these add-ins today and unlock the full potential of Microsoft PowerPoint for an impactful and engaging presentation experience. Happy Presentation!

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