How to Design your PowerPoint Presentations like a Pro

How to Design your PowerPoint Presentations like a Pro

PowerPoint is the ideal place to show your ideas creatively and efficiently. However, to design visually appealing slides is a challenge. You can have access to great tools to put together a presentation, but you need to prove your design skills as well. Here are a couple of tips on how to design your PowerPoint presentations like a pro.

Use transitions

Transitions are not the biggest part of the presentation. Nevertheless, they can make a positive impact on the design perspective. PowerPoint has a wide variety of transitions. There are a couple of things to remember. For example, try to use only one form of transitions because, otherwise, it will be very distracting. Also, do not overuse this option because it can become tiring for your audience.

Incorporate the text appropriately

Visuals are crucial, especially when it comes to a presentation. But you should be able to incorporate text that will win the attention of your audience. For instance, use an appropriate amount of text with an easy-to-read font. Avoid text stuffing and do not go beyond six lines of text.

Choose the right background

People should be able to read what is on the slide. Therefore, find the right contrast between the text and background color. It is natural advice that designers stick to but can also be a failure. Use simple and readable colors to achieve the desired effect.

Use relevant stock images

Some presenters do not pay much attention to the meaning behind a stock image. They tend to incorporate it into the slides only because of good quality. Meanwhile, some professionals ask help from designers or work with software to create their original images. Otherwise, if you cannot find any images that convey your message in the best way, better to not attach any.

Simple is the best

When users start using software for the first time, they want to incorporate all possible tools. Is it a wise strategy? We would say no because simple is the best. If you use something new, take it slowly and learn what fits in. Try not to make your presentation look busy because the focus should be on what you say.


To sum up, it is important to make your slides unique, functional, and proud to share. Once you learn some simple design rules you will know how to design your PowerPoint presentations like a pro. Learn every day new things and learn for life with keySkillset.

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