How MS Teams will change with ChatGPT-powered features

Vidya Gopinath for keySkillsetVidya Gopinath for keySkillset
Vidya Gopinath for keySkillset
How MS Teams will change with ChatGPT-powered features

Microsoft Teams has definitely changed the game with their new Premium offering!  Have you heard about the latest addition to Microsoft Teams? The tech giant has integrated ChatGPT, OpenAI's large language model, into Teams Premium. This means that users can now benefit from AI-powered productivity and cost-cutting features in their daily collaboration and communication with this chatbot Microsoft integration.

Not only will this Microsoft chatbot integration cut your costs, but it also comes loaded with AI-powered features that will boost your team's productivity to new heights. With Microsoft Teams Premium, you'll be able to streamline communication and collaboration, saving you time and money in the process.

Microsoft Teams with ChatGPT

Here are the top things you need to know about Microsoft Teams with ChatGPT:

ms teams chatgpt features

Intelligent recap: Teams are revolutionizing the meeting experience by infusing AI throughout. With automatically generated meeting notes, recommended tasks, and personalized highlights, you'll never miss a beat even if you miss the meeting. With intelligent recap, you can now save time spent reviewing meeting recordings. 

AI-generated chapters: AI generated chapters break down your meetings into bite-sized sections so you can easily pick and choose the content that's relevant to you. This feature is currently available for PowerPoint Live meeting recordings and the best part is, the Intelligent Recap feature will even generate chapters for you based on the meeting transcript.

Personalized Timeline Markers: Personalized timeline markers are like your own personal tour guide, pointing out exactly when you joined or left the meeting. In the future, these markers will also show you when your name was mentioned, and when a screen was shared, so you'll never miss a beat. 

Speaker Timeline Markers: Think of these markers as your own personal MVPs (Most Valuable Players), showing you exactly who spoke during the meeting, when they spoke, and allowing you to jump right to that moment with just a click. The markers are also intelligently organized based on who you work most closely with.

Live translations: With AI-powered real-time translations for captions with this new chatbot microsoft teams integration, you can now enjoy seamless communication with colleagues from all over the world. 40 spoken languages are now at your fingertips. Meeting participants can read captions in their own language, making communication effortless and more productive. And here's the best part - only the meeting organizer needs to have Teams Premium for all meeting attendees to enjoy live translations. .

Personalized branded meetings: With personalized meetings, you can now show off your company's unique brand in style. Teams Premium allows you to infuse your brand into the meeting itself. With brand-approved organization backgrounds and together mode scenes, you can showcase your company and people in a way that truly represents who you are. 

Custom meeting templates: With custom meeting templates, your IT admin can create templates for different types of meetings, such as client calls, brainstorming sessions, or help desk calls. This way, all the important settings are automatically in place, saving you time and effort.

Advanced meeting protection: Helps to keep your confidential business discussions secure. With new meeting options like watermarking and limiting recording, you can have peace of mind knowing your information is protected. And for those super sensitive meetings, IT-enabled users can even apply end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for an added layer of security.

Virtual appointments: Teams Premium now makes it easy to connect with customers and manage the end-to-end customer experience with Virtual Appointments. No more need for additional add-ons or point solutions - you can communicate with customers at no extra cost. External attendees can also join the virtual, branded lobby rooms through text messages or email on any device browser without even having to download an app.

Benefits of incorporating ChatGPT with Microsoft Teams 

MS Teams + ChatGPT benefits
  • AI-powered productivity: ChatGPT, the microsoft chatbot can assist with tasks such as scheduling, booking meeting rooms, and even generating reports.
  • Cost-effective: With the integration of ChatGPT, Teams Premium aims to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency.
  • Conversational interface: ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities provide users with a more conversational and intuitive interface.
  • Seamless integration: ChatGPT seamlessly integrates into Teams, providing users with a smooth and uninterrupted experience.
  • Increased efficiency: Chatbot for Teams can automate repetitive tasks and streamline processes, freeing up time for users to focus on more important tasks.
  • Improved accuracy: ChatGPT's advanced language model provides accurate responses, reducing the risk of human error.
  • Customizable: ChatGPT's abilities can be customized to fit the specific needs and requirements of each user.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Teams with ChatGPT enables users to collaborate more effectively and efficiently, improving overall teamwork.
  • Scalable solution: As a cloud-based solution, ChatGPT can easily scale to meet the needs of growing businesses.
  • Future-proof technology: With its cutting-edge AI capabilities, ChatGPT ensures that Teams stays ahead of the curve and continues to evolve with the latest technological advancements.


With features like automatic meeting recording, live captions and subtitles, and real-time speech translation, Microsoft Teams Premium is taking collaboration to the next level. The integration of ChatGPT into Microsoft Teams Premium provides users with a more productive, efficient, and cost-effective solution for their collaboration and communication needs. And keySkillset is a simulation based LMS platform that provide you with various courses on Microsoft Office. To get upskilled in these and increase your speed and efficiency at work you can reach out to keySkillset courses.

Now, before we sign off, Microsoft is also revamping their search engine Bing with an upgraded AI technology, the same one that powers ChatGPT. They're also rolling out some new AI features for their Edge browser. It's supposed to offer a whole new experience for surfing the web and finding information. Cool, huh?

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