Excel – there is more in Copy-Paste than Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V

Excel – there is more in Copy-Paste than Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V

You probably know about the “magic” autocomplete token – a thin black cross in the lower right corner, pulling which you can copy the contents or formula directly to several cells.

However, there is one nasty nuance: such copying often violates the design of the table, because not only the formula is copied, but also the format of the cell.

There is a faster and more elegant way to solve this problem – using special Excel shortcuts and hot keys!

Excel Copy-Paste Formula with Formats

The following MS Excel shortcuts will Copy-Paste the Formulas with the Format:

  • Ctrl + C(Copy), Ctrl + V (Paste Multiple Times) or Enter (Paste Once)
  • Then, Ctrl + R (Fill Right), Ctrl + D(fill down)

Copy-Paste Formula without Formats

Highlight the area -> F2 -> Ctrl + Enter

    Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Alt + V – you can choose to paste only formula or only formats and many more options

Many more Excel Tips and Tricks in our Game.


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