Excel Shortcuts for the Advanced Copy-Paste

Excel Shortcuts for the Advanced Copy-Paste

Excel is a powerful tool that offers numerous shortcuts to enhance your productivity. Among the most commonly used shortcuts are those related to copying and pasting data, formulas, and formatting. In this blog post, we will delve into various copy and paste options in Excel and learn how to use them effectively. By mastering these shortcuts, you can streamline your workflow and become a proficient Excel user.

Copy and Paste (Formula and Format):

Copying formulas and formatting in Excel is essential for duplicating data accurately. To copy the formula and format of a cell, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C. Once you've copied the cell, navigate to the desired destination (e.g., cell C4) and press Enter. Excel will automatically paste the value, formula, and format. However, keep in mind that using Ctrl + C and Enter allows you to copy and paste the formula and format only once. If you wish to repeat the copy and paste action multiple times, follow the steps below.

Copy-Paste (Formula and Format) Multiple Times:

To copy and paste formulas and functions multiple times, utilize the Ctrl + C shortcut to copy the desired cell. Then, move to the target cell (e.g., C4) and press Ctrl + V to paste the copied formula and format. You will notice the dashed line around the source cell, indicating that the data is still copyable. To remove this dashed line and make the data no longer copyable, press the Escape key.

Cut-Paste (Formula and Format):

Cutting formulas and formatting inside a cell can be accomplished by pressing Ctrl + X. After cutting, navigate to the destination cell (e.g., B4) and press Ctrl + V to paste the cut formula and format. Remember that similar to copy and paste, this action can only be performed once.

Fill Right (Ctrl+R) and Fill Down (Ctrl+D):

Excel provides shortcuts to quickly fill formulas and formats across rows or columns. To fill to the right, select the source cell and press Ctrl + R. Conversely, to fill down, highlight the desired area and press Ctrl + D. Excel will automatically extend the formula and format accordingly.

Fill Formula in Highlighted Area:

When you want to fill a formula within a highlighted area, select the range where you want the formula to appear. For example, highlight cells B4 to D4. Press F2 to display the formula within the source cell (B4), and then press Ctrl + Enter to fill the same formula and format throughout the highlighted area.

Paste Special (Ctrl+Alt+V):

The Paste Special feature offers a range of options for pasting data selectively. After copying a cell using Ctrl + C, navigate to the destination cell and press Ctrl + Alt + V. This opens the Paste Special window, which presents various options. For example, you can choose to paste only the format (press T for Formats) or paste values (press V for Values). Additionally, you can perform operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division within the Paste Special window.


Mastering Excel copy and paste shortcuts empowers you to work more efficiently and save valuable time. By understanding these techniques, such as copying formulas and formats, cutting and pasting, filling right or down, filling formulas in highlighted areas, using Paste Special, and more, you can become a proficient Excel user. Practice these shortcuts regularly to build your muscle memory and boost your productivity in Excel. With enhanced proficiency, you can accomplish tasks swiftly and effortlessly. Start using these shortcuts today and experience the power of Excel's efficiency firsthand.

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