Excel shortcuts for Beginners

Excel shortcuts for Beginners

Welcome to the first video of our Excel training course! In this session, we'll explore some commonly used keyboard shortcuts to enhance your Excel skills and increase your productivity. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, mastering these shortcuts will save you time and effort in navigating and performing tasks in Excel.

Creating a New Sheet:

To quickly create a new sheet in your Excel file, simply press Shift + F11. Watch as Sheet 4 magically appears, providing you with a blank canvas for data entry or analysis.

Moving Between Sheets:

Effortlessly navigate between sheets by pressing Ctrl + Page Down to move clockwise and Ctrl + Page Up to move counterclockwise. Seamlessly switch between different sheets within your workbook.

Creating a New Excel File:

To start a new Excel file, press Ctrl + N. Instantly begin working on a fresh spreadsheet without the need to manually open a new file.

Moving Between Excel Files:

Manage multiple Excel files efficiently by using Ctrl + Tab to switch between open files. Easily toggle back and forth between different Excel workbooks with ease.

Zoom In/Out:

Zoom in on your Excel file by pressing Ctrl + Alt + "+", and zoom out using Ctrl + Alt + "-". Customize your view to focus on specific details or get a broader overview of your data.

Hide/Unhide Ribbon:

Maximize your workspace by hiding the ribbon. Simply press Ctrl + F1 to temporarily hide it and regain valuable screen real estate. Press Ctrl + F1 again to unhide the ribbon and access Excel's various commands and features.


Made a mistake? Press Ctrl + Z to undo your last action and restore your previous state. To redo an action, press Ctrl + Y. Effortlessly correct errors and regain control over your data.

Save/Save As:

To save your current Excel file, press Ctrl + S. If you need to save it with a different name or in a different location, press F12 to access the Save As dialog box. Flexibly manage your files and ensure your work is securely stored.

Move Window:

Need to reposition the Save As or any other Excel window? Press Alt + Spacebar, then use the arrow keys to move it around. Tailor your workspace for better organization and efficiency.

Closing Excel Files:

To close your active Excel file, press Ctrl + F4. If you want to exit the entire Excel application, press Alt + F4. Quickly wrap up your work and maintain a clutter-free desktop.


By mastering these Excel keyboard shortcuts, you can streamline your workflow, save time, and boost your overall productivity. Practice incorporating these shortcuts into your Excel routine, and you'll become an Excel power user in no time. Stay tuned for more Excel tips and tricks in our upcoming training sessions!

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