Elevate Your Learning and Development Strategy: Insights for HR Leaders in 2023

Kapil Shah for keySkillsetKapil Shah for keySkillset
Kapil Shah for keySkillset
Elevate Your Learning and Development Strategy: Insights for HR Leaders in 2023

2022 has proved that it’s more important than ever for HR leaders to keep up with the most recent developments and trends in the field of learning and development. The reason being is the accelerated change in the way people are working. 

The growing popularity of online learning is one trend that is probably going to last for the foreseeable future. The COVID-19 pandemic has hastened the migration to remote employment, and the trend is likely to continue. Many firms are using online platforms to offer training and development opportunities to cater to the needs of a distributed workforce.

The ability to customize learning experiences should also be taken into account, in addition to online learning's accessibility and ease. The time when universal training programmes were adequate is long gone. Learners of today desire and expect individualized learning experiences that are catered to their unique needs, interests, and learning preferences.

It has also been demonstrated that experiential learning, which involves learning via practical applications and problem-solving, is more efficient at enhancing retention and application of new skills. Experiential learning must be a part of your organization's learning and development plan even while traditional classroom-based learning has its place. So much money is wasted on live instructor based training because it lacks personalization and suffers from a one size fits all approach. 

The practise of spaced repetition is also becoming more and more well-liked as an alternative to conventional teaching strategies. It has been shown that spaced repetition, which involves reviewing and reinforcing material at progressively longer intervals over time, is an efficient method for helping people learn and remember information,

keySkillset is one platform that includes each of these insights and trends. keySkillset, an online learning platform, uses spaced repetition to speed up learning and improve memory retention for software like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and financial modeling. By doing away with the requirement for live instructors, businesses not only save money but also ensure that their staff is better prepared to use their newly acquired abilities in the workplace. For organizations they even offer a customization option where companies can create a specialist case study to have a more practical experience when learning subjects such as Microsoft Excel and very shortly Python!  Giles Male who’s company Full Stack Modeller uses keySkillset’s platform to teach Excel called the platform ‘’Excellent’’ during the recent financial modeler 2022 summit. 

To conclude, it is critical for HR leaders to remain aware of how learning and development is changing. By taking into account the trends mentioned above and incorporating keySkillset into your organization's strategy, you can make sure that your staff members have the abilities required to flourish in the upcoming years and reduce your overall cost budget too. Visit http://www.keyskillset.com to explore the new learning platform.

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