Learn More About Count, Counta and Countblank

Learn More About Count, Counta and Countblank

What is Count, Counta and Countblank?

In our previous article, keySkillset touched upon Min and Max functions, including their variations Small and Large. The count function is another most commonly used formula type in Excel. Therefore, today we are going to take a closer look at count, counta and countblank.


From its name you might have already understood that we use count formula for counting the number of cells with numbers in a cell range. In the example below, we used Count formula to count cells with a number in range B1: B4. As you can see, in range B1: B4, we have 2 cells filled with a number, 1 cell with a text and a blank cell. Therefore, the result of our count formula will be two.


Same as count formula, we use counta formula to count all the cells filled with any data in a cell range. Counta has the same parameter with count formula. It is the range that we would select to count cells in that range. Besides, if we use the same range of cells that we used in the count, with counta, we will get the result of 3. It represents 2 cells filled with a number and 1 cell filled with text.



The second variation that we will look at is countblank formula. This variation of count formula is used for counting blank cells in a cell range. Again, the countblank formula also uses the same parameter as count and counta formulas. Therefore, if we use the countblank for the same cell range that we used previously, we will get the result of 1. In our case it is the only blank cell in the selected cell range.

If you want to learn more about other excellent Excel functions, follow our upcoming posts for more information. keySkillset is helping you to succeed in your career by learning a new skill in a fun way.

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