Combining two data columns using Excel shortcuts

Combining two data columns using Excel shortcuts

We have two columns in Excel with mutually disjoint data in cells. It is necessary to combine the data from two columns into one (for example, for further calculations, etc.). We will use Microsoft Excel shortcuts.

You can start thinking about formulas or even macros. But there is a much easier and more elegant way to do that.

Select all cells in the column C, rows 2-15, and Copy (Ctrl + C).

There is an elegant method for solving this problem using Excel shortcuts

Select all cells in column B, rows 2-15, and use Paste Special command (Ctrl + Alt + V for the Excel shortcut). In the opened special parameters window, enable the “Skip Blanks” checkbox (Alt + B for the shortcuts) and click “Enter” for OK :

We insert the data copied from column C into column B. In this case, we skip the empty cells from the second column will during the insertion and will not erase the values ​​from the first column.

Simple and effective, using Excel shortcuts makes it even quicker!


Apart from this there are certain other formulas and features that will come in handy while using Excel for data analysis at work. Mastering Excel is the best way to handle these shortcuts in a more speedy and effective way. You can reach out to keySkillset to check out their Excel efficiency course. This is the best way to get upskilled and standout in the interview.

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