How to automate Workflow in Excel

How to automate Workflow in Excel

In fall 2018 Microsoft announced the introduction of the new Office 2019 suite. People were very excited about the upcoming and improved version of the software. Moreover, it has a wide range of new capabilities and features. Automated workflow in Excel is one of them and the users already managed to install and test it.

What is an Automated workflow in Excel?

As a result of the upgraded version of MS Excel, the Microsoft Flow allows creating automated workflows in which the data is retrieved from other apps. Then, the user stores and manipulates the data in Excel. In addition, the dataflow can be shared with other users or third-party applications. For instance, the software can be used to gather tweets from your customers that rate your products and services on Social Media account. The next step would be to store the responses on the Excel workbook. This data from Twitter can be retrieved, edited and published directly to the website.

Why should you use the Flow command?

The users can use Microsoft Flow to restore data from any place. For example, the ERP system, CRM system, Salesforce, stock price databases are a couple of sources to retrieve data. They can use this technology for tracking Social Media posts, travel expenses or messages. In order to start the new data flow, sign in with your Microsoft ID on the My Flows page and start.

How to get started?

When you land on the first page, click the option to Create flow from the blank. Then, select one of the triggers out of 200. You should specify the event connected to your automatic flow process. For instance, you can trigger an automated workflow by using the email receipt. Afterwards, be specific with the actions you want to take: opening the email attached, running a macro to create Pivot charts or tables. Finally, choose the connector to share the results with your team members or third-party application.

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