Advanced Functions

Advanced Functions

Hello everyone and welcome back to our Excel training video sessions. Today we will continue with formulas and functions, and we will take a closer look at some advanced functions.

Let's start with the Choose function. The two most commonly used formulas in Excel for scenario selection are Choose and Offset, and we will take a closer look at both of these options. So, let's start with Choose. The Choose function is easy to understand but less flexible compared to Offset. Let's give an example of the Choose function.

For the Choose function, we need an index number and we need different output values for our options. Type "equal" and "CHOOSE" to start the formula. If you press Tab, it will automatically fill the rest of the formula.

We need to select an index number, so let's select cell C2 as our index number, comma, and then we will define different values depending on our index number. For example, for value one, we will define cell D4 as "red," comma. For value two, let's define cell D5 as "blue," comma. And for our third value, we will define "green," which is in cell D6.

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