Additional Shortcuts for Ribbon Navigation

Additional Shortcuts for Ribbon Navigation

Welcome back to our Excel Training video sessions! In today's session, we'll dive deeper into Ribbon Navigation and explore additional shortcuts that will supercharge your Excel skills. Get ready to enhance your productivity and efficiency with these handy hotkeys!

Shortcut 1: Insert Picture

To quickly add a picture to your spreadsheet, press Alt + N and then P. Select your desired image and hit Enter to instantly insert it. Let your data come to life with visuals!

Shortcut 2: Trace Precedents and Dependents

Use Alt + M followed by P to trace precedents. It helps identify cells linked to your selected cell. For trace dependents, press Alt + M and then D. Uncover the relationships within your formulas with ease.

Shortcut 3: Show Comments

Alt + R reveals all comments on your spreadsheet. Impress collaborators by easily displaying or hiding comments using this simple shortcut. Enhance your reviewing process effortlessly.

Shortcut 4: Search (Alt + Q)

When in doubt, use Alt + Q to access the search bar in Excel. Find any option or command by typing your query. It's a time-saving shortcut for quickly locating desired functionalities.


To further enhance your Excel efficiency, we recommend visiting our website, keySkillset, where you can access our simulation based platform and practice these shortcuts. Building your muscle memory will make you an Excel superstar in no time. Thank you for joining us, and we'll see you in the next video!

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