7 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Using QuickBooks Online

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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Using QuickBooks Online

Using QuickBooks Online can greatly simplify your bookkeeping tasks and help you manage your business finances effectively. However, there are several common mistakes that users often make, which can lead to errors, confusion, and unnecessary complications. By understanding and avoiding these pitfalls, you can ensure accurate financial records and make the most of this powerful accounting software.

You could first start off by learning how to set up the QuickBooks

Now, here you can take a look at the mistakes that you have to avoid using QuickBooks online. 

Mistakes to Avoid 

  1. Neglecting to Record Transactions Promptly:

One common mistake is failing to record transactions in a timely manner. Delaying data entry can lead to errors, discrepancies, and difficulty in assessing the financial health of your business. Get into the habit of recording transactions as they occur, ensuring that your books reflect the current reality of your finances.

  1. Misusing Account Categories:

Accurate categorization is crucial for generating meaningful financial reports. Avoid inconsistent or incorrect categorization of expenses and income. Take the time to set up a well-organized chart of accounts, utilizing account numbers to maintain clarity and ease of use. This will help you analyze your Profit & Loss Statement effectively.

  1. Mishandling Credit Card Transactions:

Many users make mistakes when dealing with credit card transactions. Avoid setting up a credit card as a vendor or entering the monthly statement as a single long bill. Additionally, ensure that credit card transactions are properly connected to the correct accounts, such as categorizing them under the appropriate expense or liability accounts.

  1. Mismanagement of Sub-Accounts:

Setting up sub-accounts can enhance organization and provide detailed insights. However, it's important to post transactions to the appropriate sub-account rather than the parent account. Otherwise, you may encounter confusion when reviewing your financial statements, as the parent account may display as "other."

  1. Mishandling Inventory Items:

If your business involves inventory management, it's crucial to correctly set up inventory items in QuickBooks Online. Avoid the common mistake of coding both the expense and income accounts for inventory items as Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), as this can result in inaccurate income calculations. Ensure that the expense account is appropriately coded as an inventory asset account.

  1. Failure to Utilize Key Features:

QuickBooks Online offers various useful features that can streamline your bookkeeping process. Neglecting to use features such as "Pay Bills" when entering bills or utilizing "Undeposited Funds" can lead to discrepancies and difficulty reconciling accounts. Take advantage of these features to maintain accurate records and streamline your workflow.

  1. Making Irreversible Changes to Reconciled Transactions:

Be cautious when deleting or modifying transactions that have already been reconciled. Reconciling ensures that your bank statement matches your records, and any changes made to reconciled transactions can disrupt this alignment. Always double-check before making changes to avoid unnecessary complications.


Avoiding common mistakes in QuickBooks Online is essential for maintaining accurate financial records and effectively managing your business. By promptly recording transactions, using correct account categories, handling credit card transactions properly, managing sub-accounts, and utilizing key features, you can optimize your use of QuickBooks Online. Additionally, exercise caution when making changes to reconciled transactions and seek professional assistance if needed. By following these guidelines, you'll ensure smooth financial management and gain valuable insights into the financial health of your business.

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