5 Amazing Excel Shortcuts that Will Change Your Life

5 Amazing Excel Shortcuts that Will Change Your Life


What are 5 important Excel shortcuts?

Nowadays many people working as financial analysts or accountants use Excel shortcuts to make their work fast and efficient. However, at a certain moment, they find the software boring and more of a daily routine. However, there are many useful tricks that can change this perception. keySkillset found a solution for that. Here are some amazing Excel shortcuts that will change your life and turn the work into pleasure.

1. Control + Asterisk (Ctrl+*)

The shortcut is to highlight all the data quickly. It doesn’t matter where you are in the data range. Once you use Ctrl+*, it will automatically select the whole data range. This will save a lot of time comparing to using a mouse and start selecting from one corner of the data range to the opposite side of the data range.

2. Alt+”=”

The shortcut will automatically add all numbers in the cells selected above. It will save a lot of time compared to manually selecting each cell and pressing +. Besides, it will even save time compared to typing “=Sum” formula and select the range.

3. Ctrl+Shift+Arrows

The shortcut is used for highlighting all contiguous cells in one direction. For example, if you do Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow, it will highlight the cell you are on and all the other cells under it. This will save a lot of time specifically if you are working with data with a large number of rows/columns.

4. Alt A M

Analysts use Alt A M shortcut for removing all the duplicates in a selected range of data. It becomes extremely useful when you are trying to find out unique values in a range of data.

5. Ctrl+Shift+1

The shortcut for formatting the numbers with a thousand separator and 2 decimals. For example, if you have a number which looks like 12458.2184, the Ctrl+Shift+1 shortcut will format the number and will make it look like 12,458.22. This already prepared number format will help you to format your table and make it easier to understand.


So, you found here the amazing excel shortcuts to use. Look forward to our next posts about the incredible utility of Excel shortcuts keyboard as well as facts about software. If you want to master Excel shortcuts in fun way, download the game on our website and combine the utility with pleasure. You can check out keySkillset for more details.

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