3 Smart Ways to Gamify Your Learning

3 Smart Ways to Gamify Your Learning

How to engage your audience?

There are several ways to transform classwork into an engaging learning experience. But one of the most exciting methodologies is through games. In the following article, we will share three smart ways to gamify your learning.

Good educational games are a great source of gaining knowledge and have fun at the same time. They can be high-quality materials to engage users. As a company or university, you do not have to give hand-outs or turn the rooms in a high-class space. As long as you choose the right game and understand its impact, the approach will be worth it.

Use the game to tell stories

Games such as Her Story can open the whole world to you. For example, you can turn into a character from a private school, political thriller, Jurassic park or a whole new universe. Each game tells a story and asks you to find the key or solution to a problem.

When using this methodology, you can ask your employees to track the progress and compare with their colleagues. It gives an overview of how good your people can be in understanding, listening and problem solving.

Model a system based on games

Games are a fun way to express reality in the virtual world. For example, some games reflect happenings from WWII. In particular, they showcase different strategies used by political leaders to conquer territories. The users can gain more knowledge about those events and develop their strategic thinking.

For learning purposes, it can inspire employees or students and develop new strategic ideas. Besides, it helps to become more creative and understand different life scenarios.

Share experience of a game

Playing games is like being on a virtual field trip or workshop. As an employer or mentor, you allow people to build expectations and then explore. They learn to make connections, find the unknown and discover new things.

Games like Jamestown, for example, provide meaning and help to develop your common sense. It is an opportunity to share your knowledge and difficulties in building a colony. In real life, you can discuss this topic with your colleagues when you want to create an efficient team.


A game is an activity that should raise interest and make you learn efficiently. It is your turn to apply these tools towards your team or class to get the best outcome. Why not try our Game?

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